Getting into the swing of things and 2 goals down! Day 2-5

13 Feb

OneMileRun Day 2

Most of the days between 1 and now have run together (I am currently on Day 7; for those of you who may have forgotten, I started this blog a little bit after I decided to be a runner so I’m playing catch up and ps calling myself a runner makes me cringe and chuckle at the same time)  but there are certain things I remember about each day.

Day 2 was an important and painful day for me. As far timing is concerned Day 2 was awesome and I met the first of many goals to come (hopefully): I ran a mile in under 11 minutes! One day I was over 11, and the next day I was an entire half-minute faster; if I hadn’t been there I would have thought it was a miracle. In reality it was a mistake. I started off a little too quickly and ended up paying for it the rest of the way. I dogged it the rest of way with that icky metallic taste in the back of my throat. You know the one I’m talking about- that one that reminds you of blood. It was awful, but in the end it was worth the pain as I realized I broke 11 minutes.

Days 3 and 4 for fairly uneventful for me. I remember complaining about the sun. I also complained about how                                    I was running into the wind and blaming it for slowing me down. ( Although I’m pretty sure that wasn’t happening, but I’m sure I’ll blame it again in the future.)

Day 5 proved to be another eventful day for me as I was lucky enough to meet another goal! I was under 10 minutes! I was ecstatic and in shock. I mean I had just started running a few days ago and was already one and half minutes faster. That sounds impossible right? To progress that quickly? Well apparently it’s not and I’m not going to argue with it- I’m going to take all that I can get!

If you have any stories about when the pain was worth it or when the results surprised you I love to hear about them!


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