Defeat on Day 6?? Already?

14 Feb

OneMileRun Day 6

For the past 5 five days I have been running, I have been making progress. Each day was one step faster, one run better. Each day I was making progress. Day 6 proved otherwise. I remember sitting on the couch lacing up my Nike Frees dreading the run. I don’t know what exactly it was, but I really just wasn’t feeling it that day. I was tired and really just wanted to take a nice long nap. Lucky for me though I have this blog. When I considered not running today I felt not only like I was letting myself down but like I was letting you down also. So thank you for being there and motivating me to keep on running!

I briskly walked, well let’s be honest, I casually walked to the starting line of my run and mentally prepared myself. And I’m off…. a quarter mile down… a half mile down… three quarters down… nothing seemed out of the ordinary. My lap times were looking good; I was staying on pace from yesterday’s run and I was feeling good! For as sluggish as I had started out I felt like I had picked up speed and was killing it. I ran what I thought was an awesome last quarter mile. The sun was beating down on my face and I remember squinting trying not to look down. I heard a long time ago that cross country runners are not supposed to look down when they run; I don’t know where I heard it or if it is even true but it is something that has stuck with me over the years even though I have never been, nor wanted to be a runner.

I took my last step, hit the “STOP” button my iPhone‘s stopwatch and froze.

Defeat. Day 6 is officially the first day that I did not make progress. Now saying that, I should also mention that I did not regress, however that is not enough in my book. Everyone (and by that I mean random people) has said that it is really easy to become a better runner because all you have to do is run. I was skeptical of this notion as I thought I was not a runner and that there was no way I could be one ( not that I am one yet or anything). Yet I did begin running and it started happening. Everyday that I ran was an improvement upon the other for five whole days. I know that’s not a lot but for someone who runs once every five years I could say that’s an accomplishment.

Today I learned that every now and then you hit a bump in the road. Day is 6 is my bump. I did not make progress today and I’m ok with that. It takes a lot for me to say that as I am usually a perfectionist and feel the need to succeed at everything all the time. I realized that this set back has actually motivated me. The fact that I was one second- yes it was only ONE second slower than my time on Day 5 – off today has motivated me to run that much faster tomorrow. I’ll admit that my life has been pretty easy and there is not a whole lot in my life that I have failed at and in saying that I am glad for this failure. I am glad that it has provided me with more motivation and a greater drive to succeed then I already had.

I’m still not sure I enjoy the thought of running but I do care about what running is beginning to stand for in my life.


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