Back on track, Day 7

15 Feb

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day everyone!!! I hope you all had an awesome day spent with your loved ones. After indulging in homemade alfredo sauce and some delish red velvet cake I was definitely in need of a run today. (Especially after some of my students brought me little Valentine’s Day treats today since I didn’t see them yesterday!) Today I got home and was ready to run! Success was just around the corner…

I let the dog out for couple minutes, putting on my running attire and hit the pavement. Feeling a little adventurous I ran a bit of a different path today, but don’t worry it was still one mile! I am also trying to get some tanning in before my bridal shower next month so I chose a path that kept me in the sun. Can we say winning? Cause I think I am! The warmth of the sun on my skin, the feeling of my feet hitting the pavement, and Pandora blaring in my ears was just what I needed. I can’t believe I just said that I needed running. It is crazy to think about how much a person, yourself especially can change. When I think about the party-er I used to be and the homebody I am now I giggle- I wonder if the old me and the new me would get along. It’s a silly thing to think about, but I do and I wonder.

It’s amazing how one decision, even a small one can have a ripple effect in your life and make you wonder about things I never gave a second thought before.


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