Running is Pain, Let’s Quit – Day 8

16 Feb

I ran my one mile today. Only one second faster then yesterday. One second is still better than zero seconds and I’ll take it: improvement is  improvement in my book. After my early defeat I have accepted grudgingly accepted the fact that not every day is going to be leaps and bounds better than the day before.

For a lot of people, I think “a little” isn’t good enough. People start new things, pick up new hobbies, and then they just stop- they quit, they give up. For whatever reason, it seems that most of us have unrealistic expectations about our own abilities. And when we realize that we aren’t as good as we had originally thought, most us throw in the towel.  I mean there are people who are willing to push through anything and everything, but for the most part I think we have become quitters. The question is why do we quit?

I have been a quitter before. I quit ballet because it took up a lot of my time and I was no longer willing to make the commitment. I guess I’m kind of lost in my head at the moment, but I am trying to get at the fact that most of the times I have seen people quit it’s because their scared. Scared of what? I don’t really know. Are people scared of embarrassing themselves? Are people scared of change? Are people scared of failing? I’m sure people are scared of all those things.

Then for me, the question becomes is the embarrassment worth it? Is the fear worth it? Is the risk of failure worth it?whatever it is. I think the answer should always be yes.


One Response to “Running is Pain, Let’s Quit – Day 8”

  1. Amy February 17, 2012 at 6:29 am #

    I also quit ballet! I’ve quit most things when I wasn’t very good at them (ballet, piano, AP physics). I think running is the only thing I wasn’t good at that I didn’t quit. A year later, I’m glad I didn’t!

    And especially in running, that 1 second faster could have been the difference between gold and silver! Good luck with your progress!

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