The ABCs of Me, Episode 3

18 Feb

Art-Colored Glasses

The Awesome Blog Content Award, Courtesy of HRH ‘Nessa of the Stronghold, requires that I provide you with an entire alphabet of Me-itude in response, so in order to prevent your eyes from snapping back in your head like the cylinders in a slot machine and your brain going into hibernation, I have subdivided the alphabet into three parts. I will reiterate only the award rules–to get the rest of my response to it you should head back to Episode 1–and share the second series of letters in today’s post.

Rules of this award:

1. Pass this on to unlimited fellow bloggers.

2. Share some things about you, using the alphabet.

Rascal, riffraff or rapscallion, I’m not such a naughty Nell,
but I am enough subversive that I think the faintest smell
of a smokescreen is escaping with me on my escapades;
hope nobody’s looking closely ’til…

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One Response to “The ABCs of Me, Episode 3”


  1. Das Juden-Alphabet – Buchstabe R | Seit über 10.000 Jahren Erfahrung in Versklavung - February 20, 2012

    […] The ABCs of Me, Episode 3 ( Bewerten: Sharen mit:StumbleUponTwitterE-MailDruckenGefällt mir:LikeSei der Erste, dem dieser post gefällt. Dieser Eintrag wurde veröffentlicht in Allgemein und verschlagwortet mit alphabet, American Broadcasting Company, Art, Buchstabe R, Das Juden-Alphabet, Early Childhood, Education, English language, Jew, Juden, Language Arts, Letter (alphabet), Sidney Rittenberg von Karl Dönitz – wir machen weiter. Permanenter Link zum Eintrag. […]

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