Getting Started- Completed!

18 Feb

ImageOn a scale of 1-10, I give this workout a 7. I can imagine some people try to speed through it as quickly as they can without thinking about form. I would say the trick to making this a good work out is to complete it as fast as you can without losing your form. That’s what I tried to do today and I finished in under 15 minutes. I was sweating and a little winded. A couple recommendations…

If your not good at push-ups, seeing 50 on a that list can be a little bit daunting. I chose to do mine on my knees and was still struggling. If you know you struggle with the “girlie” version of pushups also I’d try another arm exercise using weights. Of course you won’t get the core workout like pushups, but you can always throw in a couple extra crunches or holds in the plank position to make up for it.

Also, next time I do this, I’m definitely going to push myself harder on the first round of squats. After today I’m feeling it in my arms and core, but my legs feel a little left out.


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