Running is a Joy- Day 9

18 Feb

Today (well Day 9 was actually yesterday but I like to write about things like they literally just happened) is the first day that I can say I actually enjoyed running. I am even smiling about it right now. A went for my run a little later than usual- the sun had set and it was after dusk. The temperature was dropping, I pumped up my Pandora workout station and started hitting the pavement.

Usually when I run, I am OCD about hitting that lap button every quarter mile– I make sure I’m on target and that I’m pushing myself to always improve. However, last night I decided to let myself just run- I stopped the checking and just ran. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the cool breeze, the movement of the ground underneath my feet and I relaxed a little bit. Relaxed?! Yes I said relaxed. Who knew running could be relaxing? Definitely not me before this moment.

However, as a result of running in relaxed mode my time went up- dramatically. And by dramatically I mean about 45 seconds. So what does this mean for my running? Do I run for speed or do I run for relaxation? Either way I am exercising right? I liked that I enjoyed running. I am a little disappointed in my time, but I keep thinking about the bigger goals I have set for myself. Someday I’d like to run a half marathon… do I want to be pushing myself running for the front of the pack or do I want to enjoy it and be glad to finish?


2 Responses to “Running is a Joy- Day 9”

  1. hughwilman February 18, 2012 at 12:10 pm #

    I can certainly relate to this! I use a Garmin forerunner, and when I wear it I feel pressured to keep up my speed and seem to always check it. It works, as you say, but it does seem to make running feel like more of a chore. Watching the mile count slowly tick up can be a drag, whereas running with no watch and letting your mind go can be so much more invigorating. I personally like having a balance of somedays pushing it, and some days just going with the pace my body feels like. I mainly commented to say good luck with the Half marathon (I figured making it sound definite means you have to run one now 🙂 ) but WHEN you run it, I believe finishing it with a smile on your face is more important that getting a good time.

    • onemilerunner February 18, 2012 at 12:18 pm #

      You are right, I must run one now! I’d love to be in good enough shape next year to run the VA is for Lovers one if I’m in the area. And I think I agree with you that a balance would be best, besides, relaxing and having fun is more my style! Thanks for the comment!

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