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Atlanta Ballet Presents a World Premiere…

18 Feb

I miss being a ballerina.


The ABCs of Me, Episode 3

18 Feb

Art-Colored Glasses

The Awesome Blog Content Award, Courtesy of HRH ‘Nessa of the Stronghold, requires that I provide you with an entire alphabet of Me-itude in response, so in order to prevent your eyes from snapping back in your head like the cylinders in a slot machine and your brain going into hibernation, I have subdivided the alphabet into three parts. I will reiterate only the award rules–to get the rest of my response to it you should head back to Episode 1–and share the second series of letters in today’s post.

Rules of this award:

1. Pass this on to unlimited fellow bloggers.

2. Share some things about you, using the alphabet.

Rascal, riffraff or rapscallion, I’m not such a naughty Nell,
but I am enough subversive that I think the faintest smell
of a smokescreen is escaping with me on my escapades;
hope nobody’s looking closely ’til…

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What’s in a Name? Um, Only EVERYTHING.

18 Feb

This is so true and we all know it!

Meanderings of a Restless Mind

Every single person’s identity begins with their name (which makes sense as it is in fact, you know, your identity). Every single name also holds a certain unwritten connotation to it. For instance name your kid Apple, and well, we’re all going to think you’re kind of fruity. (Ha Pun!). Name your kid Hubert, we’re going to assume he’s a nerd (or 95 years old). Since the beginning of time parents have been inadvertently choosing the futures of their children at their birth, through the simple choice of a name.

“This seems like a bold statement, Amanda.”

Oh ya? Don’t believe me? Well let’s explore this a little.

Does this look like a Skip Schumaker?
Or does this?

If you chose the first picture, you’re obviously a liar because no one thinks Skip Schumaker is a scientist name. Skip Schumaker is clearly the best baseball name that has ever existed. You don’t call your…

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Stop Sabotaging Your Own Success: A Manifesto

16 Feb

Stop holding yourself back!

When I Have Time by Sara Rosso

If you’re new here, you should probably read my biography just to give you a better sense of who I am. In short: I do a lot of stuff. I’m curious. I love learning. I take risks. I speak my mind. I dare.

The risks I take are reinforced by a belief that I owe it to myself to at least try. I’ve always seen myself as a bit of a Jack of all trades, rather than an expert in one subject, but I’ve come to believe that’s a blessing rather than a curse. Releasing myself from the aim of being an expert or being perfect at something means that I have the complete and utter freedom to try. And fail. Hell yes, fail. Even often!

But trying, definitely.

I’ve spent a lot of time talking with (girl)friends about what’s next for them. I mentioned that I wanted to have…

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VA is for Lovers 14k – Race Recap

16 Feb

I will definitely be adding this to run to my list of goals!

Ok, it’s finally time for the VA is for Lovers 14k race recap. Better late than never, right? Race weekend started out with a little road trip down to VA Beach after rush hour died down. We dropped Bill off at the rent’s house. I couldn’t help getting a little sad when I went to say bye to him and he was already off running around with his sister. I don’t think he missed us much.

We got to our friends’ house pretty late, but stayed up and chatted for a while and hung out with Kane, the horse dog.

After a few hours of sleep, we all awoke bright and early for the race. We got to the VB Field House well before race start because I had to pick up my bib and wanted to make sure we made it there before the roads started closing. I had…

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I Think My Spam Comment Just Asked Me Out.

16 Feb

Haha I love the unsexiness of this blog 🙂

Girl on the Contrary

Vintage Dating Advice

Usually, I just delete my spam comments en masse but yesterday, the most recent spam comment caught my eye. This is what it said…

“Hello to you. I am in town for the weekend and I would like kick it with you. Nothing serious but we will see where the night takes us, eh? Your blog is proper sexy- I think we will have sexy good times. What do you think? Show a tourist around?”

This hilarious comment was followed by about a dozen links to heaven only knows what. Obviously, it got deleted but I have to give that spammer mad props on making me laugh. If the links weren’t proof enough this was spam, the fact that the spammer would describe my blog as “proper sexy” shows they have never read this blog before. I mean, I get sent like 100 visits each month on the search term…

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One Step by Delish World

12 Feb

One Step.

A post that is inspiring me to as I am starting my running endeavors. One step really can make a difference and is its for me already!