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My First Blogging Lapse

26 Feb

OneMileRun Day 15

Well it happened – my first blogging lapse. I started out doing so well. I posted almost every day for 2 weeks and for the fact I definitely do not consider myself a writer and do not usually enjoy writing- I thought I was doing pretty good. Then this week happened. Thanks to President’s Day we had a short week but I could have sworn it was even longer than a regular 5-day work week! On one hand the school I work for is going though accreditation and it makes for long days, lots of stress, and extra work. On the other hand, I’m going application crazy as I begin looking for a job back home in Pennsylvania. It takes a minimum of a half hour to complete an online application for each job I apply for so you can imagine how long that process truly is

Through all the stress and turmoil of the week, I was grateful to have running in my life. Even when I was pushing myself, it was nice to just be moving, to be in complete control. I always joke with people that I became a teacher because I like to be in control and the classroom is my domain and we all laugh about it. When I really think about it though- I am a control freak. I like to control our finances. I like to control my schedule. I do like to control the classroom. I like to think that I control my environment. And I like to hope that I control my future. This week demonstrated otherwise.
This entire accreditation process has turned my usually predictable environment upside-down. My co-workers are frantic preparing special binders with all sorts of data and evidence and mission statements. And as much as I like to think I control my future, being with a man in the military means that I, by default, am also subject to the military. My future is no longer my own as I begin to deal with the moves and the long days and not knowing anything til the last minute. (And then it changes again at the last second.) I’m applying for jobs hoping to move back home not really knowing where the military is going to put us and not knowing if I can even get a job back home.
In the free-falling chaos that I was feeling, I landed on my feet and started running. I’m pretty sure running was the only thing that kept me sane all week. Having those 10 minutes just to myself blasting my Pandora workout station and feeling good about something was amazing. I had never thought of running as a stress reliever before as it was usually something that I dreaded and actually stressed me out more.
So let’s talk about my past couple days running- treadmill running, real running, relaxing and getting closer to my goals. I find it amazing that I can run a mile almost a full minute faster on a treadmill then when I am actually running. I know it paces me and doesn’t let me slow down but that’s still a large jump. I feel like that doesn’t happen elsewhere in my life. There is nothing else that changes so drastically based on how I do it. If I was just running for speed, I would be on the treadmill all the time! But, I’m not. I’m running for my health, I’m running for fun, I’m running to relieve stress, I’m running for a million things I never thought running would be for me. One of those things I am running for is a half marathon (in the not near future) and I figure that marathons are not run on treadmills hence my running cannot be all on treadmills.  I need my training to be relevant to my goal in order to succeed.
Speaking of goals, I almost met another goal the other day. I was nine-hundredths of a second to slow to meeting my next goal of running a mile in under 9 minutes. On one hand, being so close to my goal was awesome; then on the other hand, being that close and not making it was torture. Regardless of how confused feeling I was about it I was, progress was made and progress is always a good thing.