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The Dawn of the Treadmill – Days 10-11

19 Feb

I’m always trying to get my man to go out walking with me, or hiking, or running, and today was the day he finally agreed. (I can’t be too hard on him for not coming sooner as I have mentioned in the past the military life is exhausting) My neighborhood as a gym so me and my man loaded up with a new Nike+ sensor (for me), new sneakers (for him) , new water bottles (for us), new headphones (for him), and a new sweatshirt (for him) all from Sports Authority- does any body else see anything wrong with that picture?? To be fair, I couldn’t find a pair of Nikes that I could use the Nike+ with and had good arch support aside from the Nike Frees I was already wearing and I wasn’t going to buy the exact same pair of sneakers again- which I have been known to do in the past.

Anyways, we hit the gym with all of our new accoutrements, hence the treadmill… Since we were at the gym together I didn’t want to leave to run outside so I opted for the treadmill instead. I have run on a treadmill a few times in the past but more for casual exercise, never a goal like this one. I hooked up my Nike+ for the first time and started jogging at a nice speed of 6.0 (6.0 what… I don’t really know). After a short distance I realized that I was barely winded so I knew I needed to step it up a bit and ended up at 6.5. Definitely feeling it and beginning to sweat, my loving man comes over and starts giving me a hard time and before I know it I’m up to 6.8. At first I panicked thinking I couldn’t handle going any faster. I knew that the fastest mile I had run outside was 9 minutes and 43 seconds; meanwhile, he bumped my speed up to 6.8 and the treadmill told me I was running at like a 9 minute pace. Seeing those numbers on the screen and knowing what I was capable of did not seem to mesh too well. Luckily for me I was able to finish and completed my mile in my usual time of 9 minutes and 44 seconds. I guess my speed of 6.0 at the beginning made up for my crazy 6.8 at the end. In my eyes Day 10 was success.

So there must have been something in the air this weekend because my man and I went to the gym again on Day 11. I’m not sure what’s going on but I ‘m definitely not complaining. (I like going to the gym together— even though we don’t actually workout together. I’m a little strange in that sense, but I just like having him there anyways.) Being that we were at the gym again, I decided to tackle the treadmill again rather than going for a run later. Having a little bit more knowledge about what speed I can run at made today a little bit easier for me. I hooked up my Nike+ and hopped up on the treadmill. For Day 10 I ran a little more than half of my mile at a speed of 6.8, so I figured that I would run my entire mile at 6.8 today. I didn’t…

I don’t know what possessed me, but I got on that treadmill and bumped my speed up to 7.0. On Day 10 my man wouldn’t let me settle for what I was comfortable with. He pushed me harder because he knew I could do it even when I didn’t. So now on Day 11 I decided that doing what I knew I could do wasn’t good enough I needed to push harder and I am so glad that I did. My lungs were screaming but I kept breathing and kept pushing through with the help of the treadmill and I am pleased to announce that today I ran a mile in 8 minutes and 24 seconds!!! In terms of treadmill running I met two goals today: run one mile in under 9 minutes and run one mile in under 8 minutes and 30 seconds.

Yes I know that I was on a treadmill, that it’s easier to run on a treadmill, that a treadmill paces for you. However, a victory is still a victory to me. I know that the next time I hit the track I’m not going to be running 8 minute 30 second miles. The knowledge that I can run that fast and that I have the lung capacity to complete a mile that fast provides me hope and strength in that I will one day be able to run a mile that fast on the track. The treadmill is not the end for me, after all half marathons are not run a treadmill. The treadmill is a means to an end for me and I hope that one day I will be able to run faster on the track then on a treadmill (well at least as fast!)


“Ooo, Owww, Ohh, Ouch!” – Getting Started, Day 0-1

12 Feb

I started this blog about a week after I started running. So let’s go back and recap the first couple days of my running. My very first day, I like to refer to it as Day 0, I didn’t even know that I was going to begin running and I definitely did not run one mile. Gasp! I know… I was laying in bed one morning, it was 4:30am (my man had already left as the military life is one that starts early) and I couldn’t fall back asleep. As I lay there staring at the ceiling wondering, “How am I ever going to fit in wedding dress?” it dawned on me that I was wasting my time just laying there. Since I couldn’t sleep I might as well workout and my current workout wasn’t working for me.

I struggled out of bed into the cool of the dark (ps I hate the dark), put on some workout gear and ended up in the living room. I sat on the couch lacing up my Nike Frees (which I had bought as a fashion statement and because I was jealous of my man’s when he had bought his a couple months before) wondering what I could do since even the amazing P90X wasn’t working me this time. P90x had been my lifesaver in the past helping me get out of the overweight zone and lose 35lbs to get to my healthier and thinner pre-college weight, but this time I had only lost 5 lbs and was stuck. So I sat that wondering- maybe Insanity? maybe that Brazilian guy’s butt lifting workout? I thought about it seriously and realized I didn’t have time to order anything and have it delivered all before I needed to get ready for work. Then it dawned on me, I’m wearing running shoes so I might as well run, right? I didn’t need to buy anything or wait for anything; I could start right away. So I did.

I started to slip out the sliding glass door into the dark in those early morning hours when I heard a noise- a bird, a cat, a fish splashing, a scary monster… Who knows?… I was back inside with that door shut so fast I could have skinned a cat. I didn’t want to let my fears get the best of me so I busted out some headphones. I figured if I couldn’t hear the noises outside, I wouldn’t be scared. I cranked up Pandora’s Workout Station and hit the ground running.

Well not exactly… I hadn’t run in years – maybe even a full decade so i started off slow. I walked for an entire song before realizing I wasn’t running if I walked the whole time- so I ran for the next song. Winded and out of breath I definitely needed to walk again. And this is how I spent my first day, Day 0,  of “running” – walking, light jogging, walking, light jogging… I think you get the point.

Day 1 turned out to be a little bit more eventful. Day 0 was hard, but I made it. During my Day 0 activities, I noticed that lo and behold my running path had markers: Start, .25 mile, .5 mile, and .75 mile. So for my second run, I decided that I was going to use these markers; I was going to run one mile! And I did. I was dogging it the entire way. My feet felt heavy and were dragging; at some points, I thought I could actually walk faster then I was running. However, I had set my mind to it and I was determined to make it no matter how long it took.

Being the math geek that I am, I of course wanted to track my overall time and my quarter-mile times so I busted out the timer on my iPhone and made sure to hit the lap button every quarter mile. I ran my heart out and holy crap! My first one mile run was 11min and 25 seconds. That is absolutely pitiful. I used to be a ballerina, I used to be a cheerleader, I used to be a softball player and this is it?? It’s not like I don’t work out now. I did P90x like it was my job and I can kill it on an elliptical machine. I knew my time would be high, I was expecting 10 minutes- NOT eleven and a half.  You know most people can walk a mile in 15 minutes right? When I saw that time the perfectionist and overachiever in me took over and the OneMileRunner was born. I decided to run one mile everyday until I got a decent time- well a time that I think is decent; and it doesn’t help when your man runs 5 miles on a regular basis and can run one mile in 6 minutes.

This is a journey. It’s my journey and there are multiple aspects. I started running to get in shape for my wedding. Now I am running for my health and for my pride. I am going to do something I never thought I could do because I told myself I couldn’t. I hope this blog inspires you to do something you thought you couldn’t do, too!