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R.I.P. Workout Review

21 Feb

Well y’all this plank workout is killer on the arms! Personally I always find it hard to hold a good plank position for a prolonged period of time. As it mentions on the workout info the key to this workout is tucking your butt and sucking in your belly button in. If you can manage to do that, this routine will definitely work you out in all the right places. My abs were feeling it. My arms were feeling it. Even my butt was feeling it during the leg lifts.

This workout took me about a half hour, keeping good form and getting all 3 rounds down. By the time I got to round 2 and round 3 I was holding my plank position on my knees for every move but the leg lifts. I would only try this workout if you have some arm strength to begin with otherwise you won’t be able to hold yourself up while doing the moves correctly.

If you attempt this workout and have problems making it through you could practice holding your plank position with good form. Once you have a firm foundation, you’ll be able to focus more on the moves rather then holding yourself up the whole time. I hope you try this workout out and let me know what you think of it by leaving a comment!


I’m only pushing myself at the gym because I know everyone is secretly watching me- Day 12

21 Feb

OneMileRun Day 12

Happy Belated President’s Day! I hope you enjoyed your day off as much as I did- between the gym, the beach, and an at-home spa treatment, I don’t think I could have asked for much else to make it a more perfect day. Well I take that back- my man had charge of quarters duty so he was gone for 24hrs starting Monday morning so I wish that he could have been there. Also pretty much everyone else I care about is 4000 miles. I do enjoy some solitude but I am much more of a social butterfly and wish I could have spent the day with someone who I care about; I mean my puppy is good company and all but he doesn’t really hold a good conversation

Now let’s get down to business and talk about the run…As you can see by my amazing time today, I definitely pushed myself a lot! Today was another day on the treadmill-as if you couldn’t already guess by that time I had. 8 minutes and 18 seconds. I love seeing that time. I will have you know that the last time I ran a mile that fast was in the 5th grade and only then was I motivated because I was dying to get that gorgeous blue Presidential Physical Fitness Award ( which I did end up getting!) I got to the gym bright and early at 8am. I thought it would be empty and that I could workout without worrying about what other people think.

That may sound crazy, but  I’m always wondering what other people are thinking about me, even at the gym. Do my fellow gym goers think that I need to be there? Am I lifting as much weight as they think I should be? Am I making embarrassing faces? Am I breathing too heavy? I know you think about it to. Yes it seems a little silly to be so concerned, but I guess I always worry about it because sometimes that’s what I’m thinking- well I usually only think about the funny faces and heavy breathing noises guys make when they are lifting really heavy weights, not all the other stuff. However, sometimes it is this wondering that pushes me workout harder; if I think I have audience, someone to possibly impress I’m more likely to struggle though the set or the run or the pain or whatever it is.

I’m pretty sure that’s what happened here. My treadmill experiences  Day 10 and Day 11 were just the prep work for my treadmill run today. I spent Day 10 finding a speed that I was comfortable running at and Day 11 making sure that I was working hard and becoming a better runner. I went into my run on Day 12 thinking that I wanted to challenge myself. I knew that the next time I ran outside I wanted to really improve my time and I thought pushing myself even harder on the treadmill would help prepare me so I jumped from a speed of 7 on Day 11 to a speed of 7.2 on Day 12- it may not sound like a lot, but trust me it is. I went to the gym (an almost empty gym), hopped on the treadmill and cranked up the speed. As I was running, people started pouring in the gym at a ridiculous rate. I started my mile with only 3 other people in the gym and as I approached the half mile mark less than 5 minutes later there were about 15 people there. 15 may not sound like a lot, but given that the gym is about the size of typical classroom even 5 people can make it seem crowded. At the half mile mark I was sucking. My breathing was not regulated at all, my feet were heavy, and I was just ready to slow down.

Feeling the need to impress as per my usual personality however, I looked around and heard everyone’s judgements. The two people running next to me were telling me I was out of shape. The girl working on her triceps was calling me a quitter. The boy getting ready to work on his lats was laughing at my inability to run. And that was it. I couldn’t let these people think that about me (even though I’m almost 90% sure that they didn’t even notice me). So I kept running. With every step I told myself I wasn’t a quitter, that I could do this, and that it would be over soon. And it was. I finished with my fastest time to date and proud to have done so. I would like to thank my fellow gym goers for motivating without even knowing it because without you I might have given in to the urge to slow down.

The Fastest Workout Ever- Completed!

15 Feb

A few day’s ago I came across this on Pinterest and repinned it. I loved it so much that I decided to share it with you all in a blog a few days ago! I promised that I would try it and in deed I have. I considered doing my daily one mile run this morning… but I knew I didn’t have enough time (It actually takes me about 30 minutes to do my entire mile run: I walk to the start point, run my mile, walk back, and then walk back to my house) so instead I opted for this stellar quick routine and the verdict is in!

This really is the fastest workout ever! I will tell you my heart was pumping and during that second round 20 seconds seemed more like a full minute. I’m not sure how effective this workout is in toning your body at all, but it is a great cardio workout and I think that anyone could do this. Since it goes by time intervals it let’s you work at your own pace. So for those of you who are a little more diehard you can really kill this and people who are more the beginners could go a little slower but still complete the workout- which is a great feeling no matter what.

I definitely recommend this if you ever get up a couple minutes early. Get your blood pumping early and it will help keep you energized throughout the entire day!