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Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

19 Feb

This is my second contribution to the weekly photo challenge!

A lot of times we see looking down as depressing or as heading towards the end. However, sometimes looking down can just be the beginning. When I look down I see the starting line and know that I am just getting ready to jump into the next adventure of my life.

The next time you look down, remember you’re looking at the start of your next adventure.


The Fastest Workout Ever- Completed!

15 Feb

A few day’s ago I came across this on Pinterest and repinned it. I loved it so much that I decided to share it with you all in a blog a few days ago! I promised that I would try it and in deed I have. I considered doing my daily one mile run this morning… but I knew I didn’t have enough time (It actually takes me about 30 minutes to do my entire mile run: I walk to the start point, run my mile, walk back, and then walk back to my house) so instead I opted for this stellar quick routine and the verdict is in!

This really is the fastest workout ever! I will tell you my heart was pumping and during that second round 20 seconds seemed more like a full minute. I’m not sure how effective this workout is in toning your body at all, but it is a great cardio workout and I think that anyone could do this. Since it goes by time intervals it let’s you work at your own pace. So for those of you who are a little more diehard you can really kill this and people who are more the beginners could go a little slower but still complete the workout- which is a great feeling no matter what.

I definitely recommend this if you ever get up a couple minutes early. Get your blood pumping early and it will help keep you energized throughout the entire day!

Defeat on Day 6?? Already?

14 Feb

OneMileRun Day 6

For the past 5 five days I have been running, I have been making progress. Each day was one step faster, one run better. Each day I was making progress. Day 6 proved otherwise. I remember sitting on the couch lacing up my Nike Frees dreading the run. I don’t know what exactly it was, but I really just wasn’t feeling it that day. I was tired and really just wanted to take a nice long nap. Lucky for me though I have this blog. When I considered not running today I felt not only like I was letting myself down but like I was letting you down also. So thank you for being there and motivating me to keep on running!

I briskly walked, well let’s be honest, I casually walked to the starting line of my run and mentally prepared myself. And I’m off…. a quarter mile down… a half mile down… three quarters down… nothing seemed out of the ordinary. My lap times were looking good; I was staying on pace from yesterday’s run and I was feeling good! For as sluggish as I had started out I felt like I had picked up speed and was killing it. I ran what I thought was an awesome last quarter mile. The sun was beating down on my face and I remember squinting trying not to look down. I heard a long time ago that cross country runners are not supposed to look down when they run; I don’t know where I heard it or if it is even true but it is something that has stuck with me over the years even though I have never been, nor wanted to be a runner.

I took my last step, hit the “STOP” button my iPhone‘s stopwatch and froze.

Defeat. Day 6 is officially the first day that I did not make progress. Now saying that, I should also mention that I did not regress, however that is not enough in my book. Everyone (and by that I mean random people) has said that it is really easy to become a better runner because all you have to do is run. I was skeptical of this notion as I thought I was not a runner and that there was no way I could be one ( not that I am one yet or anything). Yet I did begin running and it started happening. Everyday that I ran was an improvement upon the other for five whole days. I know that’s not a lot but for someone who runs once every five years I could say that’s an accomplishment.

Today I learned that every now and then you hit a bump in the road. Day is 6 is my bump. I did not make progress today and I’m ok with that. It takes a lot for me to say that as I am usually a perfectionist and feel the need to succeed at everything all the time. I realized that this set back has actually motivated me. The fact that I was one second- yes it was only ONE second slower than my time on Day 5 – off today has motivated me to run that much faster tomorrow. I’ll admit that my life has been pretty easy and there is not a whole lot in my life that I have failed at and in saying that I am glad for this failure. I am glad that it has provided me with more motivation and a greater drive to succeed then I already had.

I’m still not sure I enjoy the thought of running but I do care about what running is beginning to stand for in my life.